school charitable request form

This form is designed to communicate basic information to access your needs. This is not an official order form. This form will open the communication path and guide our conversations to ensure that all of your school needs are met. For example, older school buildings may have variances in door frames and/or door mechanisms that are not easily adaptable to certain devices. The flood prevention product line is extensive with numerous options for topographical variances, sizes, shapes, function, capacity, etc. Therefore, we will seek more detailed information to ensure that the correct solution is delivered.


*If you desire a security/safety solution that was not found on our website, please let us know in the last free-text field below.* Please be advised that PAC-K9 is for safety & security products and not for safety & security services. An example of a safety & security services includes, but is not limited to: SROs, RN/LPN, LSW, Mental Health Professionals, EMS/EMT, Consultants, preventative treatment (vaccines, regular check-ups, etc.), training, conferences, competitions, or any other resource that is associated with wages/benefits/salaries/MOUs/1099s/professional organizations, etc.

Submitted requests are fulfilled in the order that they are received. In the event that there are not enough funds available for an immediate donation, PAC-K9 will put your organization on a waiting list. To expedite your request, we will help coordinate fundraising online specific to your organization (ex: crowdfunding, social media, etc.).


PAC-K9 strongly encourages all organizations to conduct fundraising initiatives within your local community that will be stipulated to your request. Excess monies raised exceeding the stipulated request will automatically rollover to the next organization on the waiting list.